Model Slipway 10 Hatch Coaster

Model Slipway 10 Hatch Coaster
Ref: 2832
Built in 1968-73 in the German Democratic Republic for service in the North Sea and Baltic seaports, these coasters were designed as multi-purpose carriers, handling diverse cargoes such as wood, paper, grain, containers etc.
Over 30 vessels were originally built for Lars Rej Johansen of Oslo, however they have since changed hands and names.
A feature is the bulbous bow which reduces hydrodynamic drag resulting in considerable fuel savings. Our model depicts a typical motor coaster of the era.

Single Screw - Scale 1:50 - Length 1005mm (39.5") - Beam 204mm (8") - Displacement approx. 10 kg

Price:260.40 (Including VAT at 20%)


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