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Thee order was placed on 14 June 1936 with the Kriegsmarine Werft, Wilhelmshaven, as New Construction "G" later named Tirpitz.
She spent 29 months on the slipway before she was launched on 1 April 1939 by Frau von Hassel, the daughter of Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, the architect of the Imperial German Fleet
The Tirpitz was commissioned 23 months later on 25 February 1941 and placed under the command of Kapitän zur See (Captain) Friedrich Karl Topp

A few facts on the real Tirpitz
Displacement: empty39.517 tonnes39.539 tonnes
maximum50.405 tonnes50.425 tonnes
Length Overall250,5 m
Designed draught9,33 m
Maximum draught 10,2 m (at 49.406 tonnes)
Boilers 12 Wagner high-pressure (55 Kg/cm²) in 6 compartments12 Wagner high-pressure (55 Kg/cm²)
Turbines3 Blohm & Voss geared turbines3 Brown-Boveri geared turbines
shaft output, maximum 111.000 shp111.000 shp
speed, maximum 31,5 knots31,5 knots
output138.000 shp138.000 shp
Speed 30,8 knots 30,8 knots
Range8.525 nm at 19 knots8.870 nm at 19 knots
6.640 nm at 24 knots6.963 nm at 24 knots
4.500 nm at 28 knots4.728 nm at 28 knots
Main armament8 x 380 mm (14,96")8 x 380 mm (14,96")
Secondary armament12 x 150 mm (5,9")12 x 150 mm (5,9")
Heavy flak14 x 105 mm (4,1")14 x 105 mm (4,1")
Light flak16 x 37 mm (1,46")16 x 37 mm (1,46")
Flak Machine Gun12 x 20 mm/L65 (0,79") MG C/30 8 x 20 mm/L65 (0,79") MG C/38 (April 1941)12 x 20 mm/L65 (0,79") MG C/30 (July 1944)
Torpedo batteryNoneTwo quadruple sets each of 533 mm (21") torpedo tubes. Originated from a destroyer. Installed from autumn 1941 Catapult1 double catapult, amidship1 double catapult, amidship
Aircraft4 x Arado Ar196A-34 x Arado Ar196A-3
Fire Direction10,5 m Rangefinder4
(1940)5 (1941)5
7 m Rangefinder1
6,5 m Rangefinder2
4 m Rangefinder4
3,7 cm flakRangefinder on gunRangefinder on gun 2 cm flakRangefinder on gunRangefinder on gun
Ship's boats3 barges, 4 picket boats, 1 launch, 2 cutters, 2 dinghies, 2 yawls (Tirpitz later probably fewer)
Anchors3 bow, 1 stern3 bow, 1 stern
Complement Ship's company103 officers, 1.962 + 27 men (1941)108 officers, 2.500 men (1943)

The kit is a 1:200 scale radio control working model .The kit consists of a plura hull (plastic ) with wooden decks and superstructure and set of English instructions.
Also included in our price is the running gear (props & Shafts) and the fitting set the fittings tend to be made from high quality injection moulded plastic ,Brass and steel I.E things like main armament , ready made railing , Radar, anchors, away boats Ect.
RC functions Inc: forward, backward, rudder control, motor control

Specification: Length 1255 mm Width 180 mm

Optional extras to complete
3x 385 motors 3 x Couplings 1 x Speed controller 1 x radio 2 to 6 channel 1 x main drive battery + Glues and Paint
See list on the right hand side for suggestions

Price:550.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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