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Amati Wooden Windmill Kit
Amati Wooden Windmill Kit
Ref: 4951
Something a little diffrent.
Windmills have been around for at least 1300 years. In Europe, windimills were developed in the middle ages. They were mounted on city walls and could not be turned into the wind.
Because fixed mills did not suffice for regions with changing wind directions, mill types that coud be turned into the wind were developed. With some subsequent developments mills become versatile in windy regions for all kind of industry.
Most notably grain grinding mills, sawmills, pumping mills.
With the indistrial revolution, the importance of windmills energy was replaced by steam and internal combustion engines. With increasing environmental concern, wind power has regained interest as a renewable energy source.
This new generation of wind mills produces electric power and are more generally referred to as wind turbines.

The kit includes: laser cut wooden structure, brass photoetched parts, straw covering, printed bricks.

Total height cm 71 - Scale 1:30

Price:178.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


 Amati Wooden Stage Coach Kit
Amati Wooden Stage Coach Kit
Ref: 4952
A beautifully detailed kit of a United States Wells Fargo stage coach, which was used so much during the 'Wild West' period. (1820's - 1900) .

The scale is 1:10 and the kit is very detailed, the cabin, wheels and chassis are finely realised miniatures of the full size coach, but are quite easy to assemble, thanks to the materials (which are laser cut for the wood parts and photo etched for the metal parts), and very comprehensive construction plans and instructions.

A full compliment of luggage and two exact scale Winchester rifles (Modelled in wood and brass) are included with the kit, together with leather material for the seats - brass buckles for the leather straps found both on the luggage and carriage itself - even a padlock for the money chest!

Dimensions of completed model;
Length overall (with front pole) - 695mm (419mm without pole)
Height (Excluding luggage) - 278mm
Width - 187mm

Price:196.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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