Deans Marine MTB 488

Deans Marine MTB 488
Ref: 2008
MTB 476 was a former British Power Boat MGB that was reclassified as an MTB.
She was fitted with two 18” Torpedo Tubes and a power operated 6pdr gun was added forward plus a twin 20mm Oerlikon aft.
They were powered with 3 shafts x 3 Packard engines giving 3,600 BHP with a top speed of 39 knots in good condition. The lower top speed than her sister was due to the extra weight carried by the 6pdr gun and the two torpedo tubes
Weapon fit was one 6pdr gun and a twin 20mm powered mount and two twin 303 Vickers or Lewis gun on pedestal mountings.
She carried a compliment of 12 officers and crew
Some of the 400 class were transferred after the war to the Royal Neth Navy in1943 and in 1944 numbers 459 - 466- 486- 491 to the Royal Canadian Navy.
The alternative Pennant numbers 488 was a craft commissioned on Sept 6th 1944 by her C.O Sub Lt G. F. INNES R.N.V.R. This craft was powered by 3 x Packard Marine engines with a total B.H.P 4050 giving a speed of 39 knots max and a range of 600 miles at 15 knots. She carried a crew of 17.

Details of the kit :
The hull of this model is moulded in lightweight glassfibre, with a moulded in rubbing strip that forms a seating for the 1MM PLASTIC deck. The complete superstructure and all deck structure parts are in preprinted 1mm colour plastic.
To complement this most attractive model a full set of fittings in cast metal and resin is included along with propeller shaft,
tube and rudder. To assist in the construction a FULL SIZE PLAN is provided along with a complete set of comprehensive instructions, plus a set of decals to give a colourful finished model.

Scale 1/24 Length 920mm Beam 270mm Sailing weight 2.9kg

Price:280.40 (Including VAT at 20%)


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