Nordcap Pt 476

Nordcap Pt 476
Ref: 4688
A typical trawler from the North Sea, built in1970 at an English shipyard. The model kit isbased on the original ship drawings. Tonna-ge: 185 gross register tonnage Length ove-rall: 40.0 m - Beam: 9.30 m - Motor: 1000 HPdiesel Engine speed: 12-14 knots Crew: 7-8 men Fishing tackle: Drag net (trawl)
Fis-hing area: Around Iceland and Greenland Haul: Herrings, cod and trash fish.

The kit can be static or converted to R/C use.. It has a wooden hull that is made using laser cut basswood plywood (rather than plank-on-frame). Designed using the most advanced methods, and complete with fittings.

Dimensions :
Scale 1:50
Length: 81cm
Height: 43 cm
Width: 19 cm

Price:297.54 (Including VAT at 20%)


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