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Deans Marine Started in 1981 when the proprietor Ron Dean had the idea that parts for model ships could be produced on a part time basis to part finance his lifelong hobby of radio controlled model ship building. (Quote from the P.E.P. award brochure 1983)Deans Marine a Uk based company producing a large range of scale model war ships and merchant vesuals constantly improving their quality, and the older kits gradually being upgraded. Hulls are fibre glass with some surface detail, and the kits contain white metal and resin fittings with good instructions and plans.
Deans Marine Ditmar Koel
Deans Marine Ditmar Koel
Ref: 2013
The great estuary of the Elbe is renowned for its difficult navigation, and a posting to the Elbe 1 station requires some of the best pilots on the seas.

The pilot service is still of prime important despite technical advances over the years, and the Elbe 1 station has a long tradition.

Named after a legendary Captain of the Hamburg authorities in Hanseatic times. The first Pilot cutter of this name was launched in 1934 at the Stucken yard.

The ship is stationed in the Elbe estuary and Pilots are put aboard inbound vessels and taken of on outgoing vessels, in all but the very worst conditions. The ship has a large mess on the main deck, and a large dormitory below.

On a gross tonnage of 670 tons the Ditmar Koel is powered by 2 triple expansion steam engines developing 1,700 hp, this gives a speed of 13 knot.

The ship has a compliment of 31 crew and carries 44 pilots.

Details of the kit :
The model is based on a glassfibre hull with all details such as rubbing strips and freeing ports moulded into the hull.

The decks are from marine grade plywood with the Deans planking method. The superstructure is assembled from pre-printed plastic sheets and the complete fwd and aft assembly is removable for access. Funnel, cowl vents and ships boats are vacformed in polystyrene to speed construction.

The kit is complete with a full set of fittings and all running gear. A comprehensive instruction book and a full size plan is included. The instructions also will include details of fitting a live steam plant when the new twin cylinder, twin engine, plant reaches the market.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

Scale 1/45 Length 1.21mm Beam 229mm Sailing weight 8.5kg

Price:355.76 (Including VAT at 20%)


Deans Marine Christian Brunnings
Deans Marine Christian Brunnings
Ref: 2014
The first of a new range of model ships to be added to the DEANS range for Steam power.
where she is kept in full working order providing trips to the public during summer season. She was constructed of steel in 1900 as tender and pilot boat to the Dutch Icebreakers and to this end she is fitted as a coastal Icebreaker in her own right.

Details of the kit:
This kit of a preserved steam ship is the first of a new range of model designed to be powered by a STEAM ENGINE or standard electric motor, instructions for both units are included.

Plated glassfibre hull; Detailed glassfibre superstructure. Computer generated printed parts. Full set of metal fittings. FULL SIZE PLAN and instructions. Full set of vacformings, propshaft, prop and tiller.

Scale 1/ Length 1.04m Beam 226mm Sailing weight 9.1kg

Price:265.15 (Including VAT at 20%)


Deans Marine Komet
Deans Marine Komet
Ref: 2015
S.Y. KOMET was constructed at Bremer Vulcan a.g. Vegesack 543 and launched on the 6-4-1911.

She was designed and built as a governor’s yacht for Deutsche Neu Gunea (German New Guinea).

Komet was built of steel up to the boat deck, the wheelhouse was of Mahogany or steel and panelled in the same, Her GRT was 977 tons.
Her power was from twin steam boilers powering twin triple expansion engines to two screws with a H.P of 1400 giving a top speed of 13 knots. She carried a crew of 160 and was lightly armed with one 37 mm rapid fire
cannon and one 8mm machine gun both on pedestal mountings. She was stationed in New Guinea as the German Governors yacht until 11-10-14. When she was taken as a war prize by the Australian navy and taken into service as a packet / patrol boat. She was armed with three 4 guns on pedestal mountings at that time.
She was then renamed H.M.A.S. UNA (one of a kind). After the war she was sold into service as the Pilot boat for the Port Phillip pilot service and renamed AKUNA. She was commissioned in to the R.A.N. as an examination vessel for Port Phillip. In 1943 she was retained until late in WW11.
She was still used as a standby vessel until 1954. She gave long service at this position with a legend for rolling on wet grass. The AKUNA was finally broken up in Melbourne in 1955.
Deans Marine would wish to express their appreciation to the Australian pilot authority for their kind help and assistance with information and photographs

Details of the kit :

This model is based on a glass-fibre hull with full plating and port detail. The two main cabin assembly are also glass fibre detailed moulding to ease construction and make the model more suitable for the fitting of a stem plant if desired.

The main and boat decks are from 1/16th marine plywood with pre-printed deck planking.

The funnel, ships boats, ventilator cowls, and water tank are supplied as vacforming in 1mm styrene, and to complete the model a full set of detailed fittings in cast metal and plastic are included in the kit and to add the superfine detail to this elegant model, a full sheet of brass etched parts of over 300 components add the superfine detail to this model. Also included is a comprehensive instruction book and two full size plans. As in all the Deans kits propshafts, props and rudder are included.

And new item in the kit range is the use of computer cut wood paneling for fine details such as doors and paneling to give the correct timber effect and relief detail to door panels and paneling, and to remove the arduous task of cutting, sanding and staining very unscale woodwork.

Scale 1/50 Length 1.157mm Beam 212m Sailing weight 8.7kg

Price:544.84 (Including VAT at 20%)


Deans Marine SS Furie
Deans Marine SS Furie
Ref: 2073
The last sea going steam tug of the Netherlands.

The FURIE was built in 1916 by G.H.Bodewen at Martenshoek as the "Bodewes 6" and sold to Holmen Bruke in Norrkoping Sweden when she was renamed "Holmen 3"
The ship changed hands again in 1969 to A Akerlund in Stockholm and was named "Holvick", she was used to tow timber rafts to the sawmills. In 1976 she was purchased by AVRO television to play the leading part in the T.V. series "Hollands Glorie" after the book of the same name. She changed hands again in 1977 to Handels Mij.
In 1978 she was purchased by the Foundation Hollands Glorie in Maassluis whose aim is to preserve the ship in her original condition. The ship is now in Maasluis and open to the public where she gives frequent trips on the river and is part of the Tug Museum in Maasluis.

Details of the kit:
The model is based on a glassfibre hull with full plating, freeing ports, bulwarks and port detail moulded into the hull. Computer generated plastic printed in 6 colours is used for the decks and superstructure to give quick and crisp assembly.
Vacformed plastic mouldings supply the ships boat hulls, engine casings, skylights, motor mount and trays for the nicad batteries. A full set of fittings in cast light alloy and plastic give the finishing touch to the model adding the vital clutter that is so much part of the "TUG" appeal.
As in all of the Deans kits a set of running gear is included, consisting of the propshaft, tiller and full instructions keyed to a FULL SIZE plan to assist in the construction of the model. The sailing qualities of the Furie are excellent, as is the standard for all the kits in the range.
Painting instructions are part of the construction notes with tips for using the latest car spray ACRYLIC paint which gives a fast and hard wearing finish.

Scale 1/48 Length 698mm Beam 140mm Sailing weight 3.3kg

Price:222.12 (Including VAT at 20%)


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