Electronize Type FR15 HVR

Electronize Type FR15 HVR
Ref: 2701
Speed controllers are designed to extend the use of the control to faster and larger models with motors drawing up to 15 amp. continuous current. The basic design of the 10 amp. controls is retained whilst the power handling components are uprated.


*Standard radio control servo signal (standard connector supplied)
*Smooth P.W.M. forward and reverse speed control
*Low loss Power MOSFET current switching
*Protection against reversed motor battery
*Adjustable balance for zero speed position
*Adjustable 'span' to match maximum speed to throttle stick travel
*6 to 24 volt motor battery operation (5.5 volt min.)
*All units available in DIY kit version
*Type 43HX and 43HVR *15 amp. continuous load rating.
*45 amp. short term stall rating. (continuous MOSFET rating)*
*5 volt regulator (BEC) for single battery operation.
*1 amp. regulator rating with overload protection.

Price:35.64 (Including VAT at 20%)


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