Electronize Type FR30 HX

Electronize Type FR30 HX
Ref: 2702
Is the first of a new range of microprocessor based speed controllers. The power of a
microprocessor has enabled us to improve even on the market leading 43 series controllers and include
many features not found on other controllers. The use of twin, ultra miniature 30 amp. rated automotive relays has allowed a genuine 30 amp. continuous rating.
The FR30HX also has a selectable operating mode, giving a choice of high, low or variable frequency.
Operating at low frequency gives better starting and low speed control, whereas high frequency gives smoother and more efficient high speed performance. The unique Electronize variable frequency mode
gives the best of both worlds. It's a best performance low frequency controller, a smooth mid-range controller and an efficient high frequency controller all at the same time.

Standard radio control servo signal input. (standard connector supplied)
Smooth P.W.M. forward and reverse speed control.
Selectable operating mode.
Low frequency mode: 100Hz
Variable frequency mode: 10 to 1000Hz
High frequency mode: 2000Hz
Low loss Power MOSFET current switching. (Only 2.7 milli-Ohms)
Low loss heavy duty cables. (0.25mm2)
High current automotive relays designed specifically for high power motor control.
Precision pre-set neutral.
Adjustable speed range to match throttle stick travel or scale speed.
6 to 24 volt motor battery operation. (5.5 volt min.)
30 amp. continuous load rating in either direction.
90 amp. short term stall rating. (continuous MOSFET rating)*
540 amp. peak rating.

Price:44.58 (Including VAT at 20%)


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