Fairey Huntsman 31 Wooden Hull 34in (864mm)

Fairey Huntsman 31 Wooden Hull 34in (864mm)
Ref: 2897
The classic Fairey Huntsman 31 has been charming modellers for many years with its advanced hull design and classy super-structure.
Available in two scale sizes (1/11th 34" & 1/8th 46" scale) each is supplied with eather a fiberglass or plywood hull. Both have one-piece removable superstructures which allow plenty of room for even the largest motors.
You get all the required timber, die-cut manufactured, and pre-profiled components, all window glazing and frames, vac-formed air vents, Comprehensive instruction.
No running hardware is provided as this will vary greatly depending on the type of power unit used. But the detailed instructions give plenty of installation options for the model.

Scale :1:11th 34in (864mm)

Price:133.20 (Including VAT at 20%)


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