Felix Habour Launch - Krick/Felix Habour Launch

Felix Habour Launch - Krick/Felix Habour Launch
Ref: 2630
This is a scale model of a Hamburg harbour launch of the 1960's.
Used as a working and transport boat, they are often used to ferry visitors around the harbour. So prolific are these boats they can be found in almost every German harbour. Felix was produced from original drawings of a Hamburg harbour launch. The aim in designing the model was to produce a kit that was very easily assembled but lost non of the detail of the original.
The result is a beginners kit that is true to scale and allows the more experienced modeller to add their own detail.
Contents : The hull is vacuum formed in high quality ABS, with the keel moulded in to make for very easy installation of the rudder and shaft. With the water line marked on the hull painting is made easier as is the deck installation. A removable motor mount is provided along with the electric motor, coupling propeller and shaft. A full set of fittings along with a full sized plan and comprehensive building instructions complete this excellent beginners kit.

Spec : Scale: 1:25 Length :634mm Beam :148mm

Price:89.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


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