Graupner Ready Built H.M.S Prince Of Wales

Graupner Ready Built H.M.S Prince Of Wales
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The HMS Prince of Wales was a British battleship of the King George V class, which was in service during the Second World War. It was the second ship of this at the time most modern class in the Royal Navy.
Its first mission in May 1941 was to join the battle cruiser HMS Hood to prevent the German battleship Bismarck and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen from breaking out into the Atlantic. During the battle in the Strait of Denmark, the Hood was sunk by the Bismarck with a few salvos, and the Prince of Wales was severely damaged.
At the end of October 1941, the battleship sailed to Singapore to reinforce the British armed forces in the Far East. On December 10, 1941, the Prince of Wales, together with the HMS Repulse, was sunk by Japanese aircraft. Additional information on the ship is available on the internet, for example at High-quality, first-class model with outstanding detailing.


Description :
Almost-Ready-to-Run (ARTR) Model
GRP hull
Superstructure of laser-cut ABS parts
Details and small parts of metal
Fine detailing
Painted in multiple colors
Hull, superstructure, cranes spray-painted with matte colours
Four built-in electric motors
Simple installation of RC components
Included in delivery: GRP hull, deck, superstructure of laser-cut ABS parts, laser-cut ship stand, railing and other small parts of metal, four motors, rudder system, completely painted, instructions in German, English, and French

RC functions :
Rudder adjustment
Forward/reverse with proportional control
Beam, approx.: 220 mm
Scale: 1:150
Height, approx.: 500 mm
All-up weight, approx.: 5000 g
Overall length, approx.: 1500 mm

Price:798.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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