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These kits very in subject matter from fishing boats to large multi channel kits like Moonraker that uses water jets for propulsion.
The quality of these kits tends to be very high with good English instructions and full plan sets .
The kits are mostly made with ABS hulls (a form of plastic) with plastic and metal fittings the kits tend to come in separate parts as in the kit then there will be a fittings set sold separately along with motor's and Rc systems Though we sell our kits with fittings where possible unless otherwise stated

Please Beware that most of the Graupner Model Boats are out of stock as of the present time .
Though we still have a few so always worth getting intouch beforhand .

Graupner went in to liquidation last year and the company that took them over JS are Resourcing all there kits.
The latest i have been told that we are looking to the end of the third / forth quarta of 2015 before we see there kits been re available .

Graupner GR65 Class
Graupner GR65 Class
Ref: 9094
The GR65 is a sail yacht based on the RG65 class. The kit is assembled in just a few steps. Only minor work is needed for completion. Just a few additional components need to be purchased and installed in order to operate the model. The kit was developed with the latest design techniques on a 3D CAD/CAM system. All components are made of vacuum-moulded ABS and CNC-machined. The GR65 was designed to reflect developments on the regatta scene and it constitutes a model intended for ambitious regatta work. Hull, deck, hatch cover and keel mast socket are made of vacuum-moulded CNC-machined ABS. Many parts are pre-assembled so the GR65 can be set up quickly. The sails have to be mounted, because they are packed separately to avoid crinkling. The keel fin and rudder are injection-moulded in glass-fibre-reinforced plastic for outstanding stiffness.The slightly reduced surface areas and slim profiles of the fin and rudder result in less drag

Set contents: vacuum-moulded ABS parts for hull, deck, glass-fibre-reinforced plastic boatstand, rudder and keel fin, cast keel ballast, various injection-moulded plastic parts, carbon-fibre tubing for mast and booms, ready-made sail suit, polyester cord, small parts, instructions in German, English and French
Pre-sewn sail suit of white/red, lightweight sail fabric
Lightweight but stable rig constructed from CFRP tubing.
The rig consists of high-quality plastic fittings
Hull, deck, hatch cover and keel mast socket are made of vacuum-moulded CNC-machined ABS
The Graupner/SJ range now also contains a model from the well-known RG65 regatta class in the form of the GR65.
In spite of its unusually small size the GR65 is a full-value regatta model yacht which is controlled using all the usual functions.
The technical requirements of the regatta scene are taken into account in the GR65.
The GR65's compactsize makes it extremely easy to transport and the ideal choice for taking on holiday.
RC functions
Rudder control, sail control
Overall length, approx. : 655 mm
Beam, approx.: 85 mm
Weight RC system incl., drive battery excl.: 1020 g
Hull length, approx. : 650 mm
Mast size above deck: 1002 mm
Overall height approx.: 1360 mm

Price:207.60 (Including VAT at 20%)


Graupner Carbon Micro Madgic
Graupner Carbon Micro Madgic
Ref: 9093

The racing MICRO MAGIC was developed on the basis of developments in the MICRO MAGIC racing scene and is a factory pre-designed for the ambitious regatta work version.
The hull, deck, cover and keel mast are CNC machined-from molded ABS and.
a particularly high stability reach fin and rudder are injection molded from glass fiber reinforced plastic.
The keel can be shifted by 5 mm along the longitudinal axis. This allows optimum fit of the model to prevailing conditions and the preferences of the skipper.
The slightly reduced areas and slim profile of the fin and rudder result in reduced drag.
Done sewn sails set, lightweight but stable rig from CFRP tubes , The rig consists of high quality and easy to assemble plastic fittings.
Structurally, a Focktrimmservo provided in order to adjust the sail trim while driving.
The high prefabrication the model is complete quickly
thanks to the ABS material in carbon design and the decorative sheet is a painting not required.
The racing MICRO MAGIC requires no sailing winds and therefore has a total budget cost.
contents: vacuum-molded ABS parts for hull, deck, hood and 2-part keel mast, lasered ABS parts for interior design and a ship wooden stand, rudder and keel fin Glass fiber reinforced plastic, cast keel ballast, various plastic injection parts, carbon fiber tubing for mast and booms, ready set sail, polyester cord, wood moldings, small parts, decal sheet, plan, building instructions in German, English and French. and Franz

This model is the familiar MICRO MAGIC, which was optically modernized. Especially the straight nose, the hatchback and the square shaped hood to fall
Despite the unusually small size the racing MICRO MAGIC is a full regatta model yacht which is controlled by all functions
The racing MICRO MAGIC is suitable for light to moderate wind
Due to the small size is the racing MICRO MAGIC very easy to transport and thus is also ideal for the holidays
The tuning parts included in the kit of racing MICRO MAGIC are also suitable for use in the MICRO MAGIC (Order No. 2114) are suitable. Also an already built model can be retrofitted
Due to the thicker ABS material, the model with a total weight about 40 grams heavier (compared to Best. Nr. 2014)
Tips and information and regatta dates for racing MICRO MAGIC see

Height, approx.: 980 mm
All-up weight, approx.: 910 g
Hull length, approx. : 535 mm
Hull width : 180 mm
Sail area (cm2): 1450 cm²

Price:138.06 (Including VAT at 20%)


WP Rhode Island Formula 1 Catamaran Artr
WP Rhode Island Formula 1 Catamaran Artr
Ref: 4983
ARTR (Almost Ready To Run) model
GRP hull
Built-in brushless outboard motor
Built-in controller
Built-in servo
Simple installation of the RC components

ARTR (Almost Ready To Run)
Controlled via 2 functions
With 1 brushless outboard motor
After installation of the receiver and drive battery, the model is ready to go
RC functions
Rudder adjustment,
Forward, with proportional control
Overall length, approx. : 605 mm
Beam, approx.: 240 mm
All-up weight, approx.: 1860 g

Price:342.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Johann Fidi Daughter Boat To Gruben
Johann Fidi Daughter Boat To Gruben
Ref: 4849
Product information :
- Kit for the advanced model builder
- Vacuum-moulded ABS hull, deck and superstructure, CNC-machined
- Many laser-cut ABS parts for the superstructure and decks
- Set contents: vacuum-moulded ABS components for hull, deck, superstructure, radar unit and other parts, laser-cut wooden parts for reinforcements and boatstand, complete fittings set, stern tube, motormount and rudder system, wire and tube material, small items.

RC functions :
Forward / reverse running, proportional
Overall length approx. 350 mm
Beam approx. 130 mm
Overall height approx. 240 mm
All-up weight approx. 500 g
Scale approx. 1 : 20

Price:99.59 (Including VAT at 20%)

Tito Neri
Tito Neri
Ref: 2422
4 channels. Quick-build kit with GRP hull.
Product information
In 1992/1993 the DETLEF HEGEMANN ROLAND dockyard collaborated with the DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIE-WERKE GmbH to design and build two tugs for the Italian Shipping Company TITO NERI RIMORCHIATORI based at Livorno.

The ships are of identical design and were assigned the names TITO NERI and ALGERINA NERI. They currently rate amongst the most modern ocean-going and harbour assistance tugs in the world. Their towing equipment consists of a combination of winches on the after deck and foredeck. Each winch is driven by a hydraulic motor and has a tractive power of 15 t. The tugs are also equipped with a powerful fire-fighting system and a fire self-protection system.
The maneuverability required for these vessels intended tasks is provided by two Schottel drive systems and a bow thruster. Total engine power of 2x2000 BHP provides a forward thrust of 55t, and the maximum running speed is 12.5 kn. Our semi-scale model of the TlTO NERl is designed to a scale of 1:33, and is based on documents supplied by the dockyard and the shipping company.
Contents of the quick-build kit
Quick-build plans and building instructions in German, English and French. CNC-machined GRP hull, CNC-machined vacuum-moulded ABS parts for the superstructure, various other vacuum-moulded ABS parts, printed and die-cut wooden parts for decks, bulkheads and reinforcements, strip material, wire, rod and tube, decor sheet

R/C functions Rotation of the Schottel drive units through 180° (approx.), Forward - stop - reverse running with infinitely variable speed control, Bow thruster, Fire monitor pump ON/OFF, Sound simulation via TOP-SOUND 6 (»tug«) Other working systems are possible at the builder's discretion.

Overall length approx. 975 mm Beam approx. 320 mm Draught approx. 140 mm Overall height approx. 650 mm Empty weight approx. 4.5 kg Max. all-up displacement approx. 18 kg 769 t Scale 1:33

Needs Extra's To Complete

Price:468.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 2417
Harbour tug was built in 1983 by the Detlef Hegemann Roland dockyard, and delivered in the same year to the Hamburg-based Luetgens & Reimers shipping company.
The pair of VOITH-SCHNEIDER drive systems makes the tug e

Price:468.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

WP B-24 - Graupner B24 /2135
WP B-24 - Graupner B24 /2135
Ref: 2430
This boat was developed by Ocke Mannerfelt and is the result of protracted aerodynamic research aimed at achieving best possible performance.
It has been awarded two design prizes and is patented.
The newly designed double-step hull bottom features patented speed rails: specially designed stringers which distribute the air-enriched water under the bottom of the boat and thereby reduce the wetted area.
The boat planes over the water on a layer of "air lubrication" evenly distributed over the hull surface.
The boat is extremely slim in an effort to minimise air resistance. The lateral wings on the hull produce upthrust due to their profile and also due to ground effect.
The model is based on the original drawings and is moulded using all-GRP technology, with the exception of the driver's cabin.
The boat can be fitted with a scale power system utilising a Z-drive 600 and SPEED 700 TURBO motor, but can also be equipped with two electric motors and contra-rotating semi-cavitating surface-piercing propellers for higher speed, according to the builder´s individual preferences.
For even higher speeds it is also possible to fit BRUSHLESS 220/30-3 motors, although not with the Z-drive.
This option is for experienced modellers only, and no details are provided. Suitable for the Mono 1 and Mono 2 racing boat classes when fitted with the appropriate power system
Pack contents
Quick-build plan showing RC installation and building instructions in German, English and French; all-GRP hull, driver's cabin, plywood parts, decal sheet, small parts.
RC functions
Rudder Speed control
Length approx. 655 mm *Overall length approx. 740 mm * Beam approx. 235 mm * All-up weight including RC system and drive battery approx. 2.0 kg
Speed approx. up to 35 km/hr with 2 x 600 electric motors * Scale 1:10

Price:163.19 (Including VAT at 20%)

Azimut Atlantic Challenger
Azimut Atlantic Challenger
Ref: 2404
The Blue Riband trophy was inaugurated in 1933 by the Englishman Harold Holes for the fastest Atlantic crossing by a passenger ship.
In 1952 it was awarded to the ocean-going steamship United States, which traversed the Atlantic in 82 hours and 40 minutes, and that proved to be the last time it was awarded. To this day the trophy stands in Long Island Naval Museum. In 1986 the English aviation industrialist Richard Branson crossed the Atlantic in a new record time of 80 hours and 31 minutes in his 21.95 m long Virgin Atlantic Challenger. However, the Americans refused him the trophy, as the Virgin was not a passenger vessel, had been refueled en rout, and was not in regular line service.
In response Branson inaugurated a new cup: the Virgin Atlantic Trophy, which is awarded to the vessel which crosses the Atlantic the fastest by any means.
Contents of the quick-build kit
Quick-build plan showing R/C installation, including building instructions in German, English and French. GRP hull with machined openings for the JET propulsion systems, die-cut deck and other wooden parts, vacuum-moulded superstructure, roll-over mast, lifesavers, ventilators, radar aerials, strip material, wire transfer sheet, hardware pack.

R/C functions
Rudder Speed control Reverse thrust mechanism Auxiliary working systems such as position lamps, diesel sound generator and others may be installed at the builder's discretion.

Hull length approx. 1220 mm Length overall approx. 1310 mm Beam approx. 340 mm Weight (with R/C system, without drive battery) approx. 4.5 kg Max. supplementary load 5.0 kg Top speed approx. 18 km/h Scale approx. 1:20

Needs Extra's To Complete

Price:359.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Azimut Atlantic Challenger Fittings Kit
Azimut Atlantic Challenger Fittings Kit
Ref: 7830
Azimut Atlantic Challenger Fittings Kit

Price:72.78 (Including VAT at 20%)

Graupner Moonraker
Graupner Moonraker
Ref: 2415

R/C Mega-Yacht. True-scale model of the world's fastest mega-yacht. For 3 JET propulsion systems and electric power. Multi-channel R/C. Quick-build kit with moulded hull, deck and superstructure.
Product information
The Moonraker was completed in 1992 and its top speed of 124 km/h makes it the fastest mega-yacht in the world at present. The boat s owner, John Staluppi, had previously held the record with his yacht ]OCTOPUSSY (99 km/hr).
Staluppi entrusted the layout and design of the new vessel to Frank Mulder, whose Dutch studio ]Mulder Design specialises in high-quality motor yachts.
The yacht was built at the Ulstein Elkefjord Marine yard, which is part of the ]Norship consortium of Norwegian dockyards. The Moonraker cost more then 15 million DM to build, and was originally designed to be fitted with three MTU diesel engines: two 16-V 396 T8 94's, each rated at 3480 BHP outboard, in conjunction with two steer able KaMeWa jet units, and a central 1200 BHP 12-V 183 TE 92 combined with a booster jet.
However, tank testing showed that this combination would only produce a top speed of about 85 km/h. The centre diesel engine was then replaced by a Textron Lycoming TF-40 gas turbine, rated at 4600 BHP. Total engine power is thus 11,560 BHP, and the boat achieved a speed of 124 km/h during sea trials off Norway.

Specification Length 1470 mm Beam 284 mm
Weight 8,1 kg Scale 1:25

Please Select
Moonraker 448.60
Moonraker Fitting set Pt No 370 90.00

Wp Px 1 - Graupner Wp Px1/2020
Wp Px 1 - Graupner Wp Px1/2020
Ref: 2432
The PX-1 racing catamaran
Is a semi-scale model boat capable of speeds of 40 to 60 km / hr or even more, depending on the motors installed.
The boat can be fitted with SPEED, ULTRA or INLINE motors.
The model is a real head-turner with its attractive painted colour scheme and the option of two different decal sheets. The robust GRP hull provides plenty of scope for the experienced racing boat fan to try out his own ideas in the power department, using either one or two electric motors.
The suggested motors, shafts and rudder should only be considered as a basic recommendation for a standard version, and variations are certainly possible.

Kit contents:
Building instructions in German, English and French. * Ready-made GRP hull and hatch cover * motor mounts and two different decal sheets.

Length approx. 1070 mm * Overall length approx. 1140 mm * Beam approx. 310 mm * Dry weight approx. 1800 g

Price:324.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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