Graupner Sailwinch 4 Pt 3772

Graupner Sailwinch 4 Pt 3772
Ref: 4852
Description :
This sailwinch has been completely revised electronically and mechanically, and now features high tensile power and rapid winding speed. The unit provides very accurate proportional control of sail settings.
After removing the cover on the rear of the case it is possible to adjust the sailwinch's travel within the range approx. 3½ to 8½ turns. The winch features a self-locking gearbox, i.e. wind pressure cannot possibly alter the sail positions or cause increased current drain when the motor is not running. A separate 4 ' 9 V power source with G3.5 connectors is required to operate the unit. Winding drums of different diameter (19 mm and 29 mm), the progressive aluminium cable drum and the option of using the 9 mm Ø shaft as a winding drum make the winch particularly versatile, as it can easily be set up to the exact travels and tensile forces required.

Specification :
All-up weight, approx.: 160 g
No-load current drain, approx. : 250 mA
Speed: 4.8V: 0.11 sec/60° 6.0V: 0.08 sec/60°
Weight: 5.64 oz (160.0 g)
Length:4.02 in (102.1 mm)
Width:2.01 in (51.1 mm)
Height:1.89 in (48.0 mm)

Price:120.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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