HM Bomb Vessel Granado

HM Bomb Vessel Granado
Ref: 1894
Twelve bomb vessels, including Granado (the sixth), were built at the outbreak of the War of Jenkins's Ear in 1739.
Granado was ordered on September 14th 1741 and the keel was laid on November 18th 1741.
Although it is uncertain who designed the Granado, it is commonly attributed to Thomas Slade, the naval Surveyor who oversaw the construction of the ship at Ipswich. Thomas Slade also went on to design famous ships such as H.M.S. Victory.
Granado was unusual in that she was designed to be used as either a sloop or a bomb vessel, being constructed with a conventional square stern.
Launched on June 22nd 1742, Granado was taken to Harwich, fitted out and put in commission as a sloop.
Kit includes:
Double plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut, complete with pre-cut gunport strip ~ no need to tediously mark on and cut the gunports yourself; 10 turned brass 4pdr cannons complete with wooden carriages; 12 turned brass 0.5pdr swivel guns; 1x13" and 1x10" brass mortars; highly detailed brass etched components; profiled brass rails; precision CNC cut and profiled walnut and ply components; all required blocks, black and natural hemp for rigging; 9 fully detailed actual scale plans and two comprehensive step by step colour instruction manuals including technical drawings and constructional photos of the prototype.

Scale:1:64 Length:785mm Beam 340mm Height 590mm

Price:217.15 (Including VAT at 20%)


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