HM Gunboat William

HM Gunboat William
Ref: 1896
Purchased by the Royal Navy in 1795, William, under the direction of Sir Sidney Smith, was fitted as a hoy rigged gunboat at Plymouth Yard.
As fitted, William was armed with 1x24pdr cannon, 2x12pdr carronades and a compliment of 25 men.
Of special interest is the innovative design of an early form of turret mounting for the 24pdr cannon. The cannon and carriage were mounted onto a bed which in turn sat on a bearing race made up of cannon balls, allowing the whole assembly to rotate on the flat (camber less) forecastle.Kit includes:
Double plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut; all decking in high quality maple strip ; 1x24pdr cast bronze cannon complete with integral trunnion bar, reinforcing rings, gun lock and Kings Monogram; walnut 24pdr cannon carriage and rotating platform; 2x12pdr carronades complete with integral trunnion bar, reinforcing rings, sights, touch hole, training handle and brech ring; walnut carronade carriage and sliding bed; gunnery equipment including rammers, sponges, ladle and worm; Cast bronze stve and chimney with hatch and hinge detailing; 3cast bronze buckets with individual 'slat' detailing of the planks bound by two iron straps;highly detailed brass etched components; precision CNC cut and profiled walnut and ply components; all required blocks, black & natural hemp to rig the model as shown; high quality birch dowel for the masting; fully detailed actual scale plan sheets and two comprehensive step by step colour instruction manuals including technical drawings and constructional photos of the prototype.

Scale: 1:32 Length: 760mm Beam 200mm Height 605mm

Price:174.46 (Including VAT at 20%)


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