HM Schooner Ballahoo

HM Schooner Ballahoo
Ref: 1884
Ballahoo was the named schooner of its class of 'Fish' Class Schooners built in Bermuda.
Of which 17 were built to the same design. Ballahoo was ordered in 1803 and launched in 1804.
She was commissioned as an armed dispatch schooner. She was 55.4 feet long and displaced 71 tonnes. With a compliment of 20 men Ballahoo was armed with four 12 pounder carronades.
Four 12 pdr carronades.
Kit ContentsWalnut CNC cut parts; Double plank on bulkhead construction; Black & natural hemp for rigging. Full size plans and comprehensive instruction manual, making this kit the ideal introduction to plank on bulkhead modelling.

Scale1:64 Length 520mm Height320 mm Beam90mm

Price:58.20 (Including VAT at 20%)


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