HM Schooner Pickle

HM Schooner Pickle
Ref: 1897
Forever associated with Admiral Nelson’s final and most historic victory,
the Battle of Trafalgar 1805, Pickle was chosen to carry the News of Nelson’s victory and death back to England.
On 4th November 1805 Pickle finally reached Falmouth were Lapenotiere landed at shore in Pickle’s boat. From this point Lapenotiere set off on his now famous post chaise using at least 21 changes of horses to travel more than 270 miles in 37 hours and costing £46.19s.1d, more than six months wages for a Lieutenant.
Lapenotiere reached his goal of the Admiralty at around 1am on the 6th November and announced to William Marsden, First Secretary to the Admiralty, “Sir, we have gained a great victory, but we have lost Lord Nelson.
Kit includes: Double plank on bulkhead construction in lime and walnut; all decking in high quality Tanganyika strip; 6 x 12pdr turned brass carronades, fully rigged and complete with walnut carriage assemblies; detailed brass etched components; over 500 copper plates; ship's boats in high quality resin with walnut components and brass fittings including oars, grapnels and boat hooks; precision CNC cut and profiled walnut and ply components; brass nameplate; all required blocks, black & natural hemp to rig the model as shown; high quality birch dowel for the masting; fully detailed actual scale plans and two comprehensive step by step colour instruction manuals including constructional photos of the prototype and technical drawings.

Scale: 1:64 Length: 565mm Beam 180mm Height: 460mm

Price:121.48 (Including VAT at 20%)


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