H.M.Bounty Pt 492

H.M.Bounty Pt 492
Ref: 1834
H.M.Bounty An armed merchant vessel launched in 1787. The mutiny of the Bounty is perhaps the most well-known of all mutinies at sea. Together with loyal crew members, Captain Bligh was set to sea in an open boat about 30 miles from Tofua.
Kit description
Made as a Static Plank on Frame hull , wooden deck with plastic and metal fittings .
This level is for those who have tried to build a model ship before, or perhaps one of plastic. These models also have a simple construction, though you will meet a number of ’challenges’ on the way!

Specifications: Height -65 Cm Length - 78 Cm Width - 15 Cm Laser Cut Parts Not suitable for RC

Price:184.80 (Including VAT at 20%)


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