H.M. Brig Supply

H.M. Brig Supply
Ref: 1885
H.M. Brig Supply was launched in 1759 as a Deptford yard transport.
In 1786 she was converted to an armed tender.
It is in her modified form that she wrote herself into history by arriving ahead of the first convict fleet in Australian waters. She was also the first to sail into Port Jackson.
H.M. Brig Supply is now known as the ship from which Australia was founded.
The kit of H.M. Brig Supply has been designed with the Novice builder in mind. The kit is extremely prefabricated with all the wooden parts CNC cut for extreme accuracy to ensure a perfect fit. plank on frame hull black and natural hemp .Full size planes and comprehensive instruction book.

Scale1:64 Length 675mm Height 520mm Beam 250mm

Price:135.82 (Including VAT at 20%)


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