H.M.Cutter Sherbourne

H.M.Cutter Sherbourne
Ref: 1882
Cutters evolved during the second quarter of the Eighteenth Century in Southeast England as swift channel vessels.
They soon gained a deserved reputation for their speed, which was not unnoticed by smugglers who soon adopted the Cutter as their preferred smuggling craft.
In turn, Cutters were employed by the British Customs Service to counter the smugglers. Cutters carried a large disproportional area of sail for their size and also served as advice yachts, packet boats and, during wartime, privateers.
Kit Includes 8 3pdr Guns; 10 swivel guns; Walnut CNC cut parts; Double plank on bulkhead hull; Black & natural hemp for rigging; Full size plans and comprehensive instruction manual making this an ideal introduction to plank on bulkhead modelling.

Scale1:64 Length 500mm Height 485mm Beam200mm

Price:72.46 (Including VAT at 20%)


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