Deans Marine H.M.S Verulam

Deans Marine H.M.S Verulam
Ref: 1984
H.M.S Verulam On the night of the 16th May 1945, in company with 4 other vessels, Verulam, with Saumarez as the leader, proceeded into the straights of Malacca, where they located the Japanese cruiser "Haguro" and the destroyer KamiKaze. During this comparatively short action the Haguro was hit by 8 torpedoes and later sank, whilst the "KamiKaze" was hit by shell fire but escaped. Verulam was not damaged in this incident and it was considered to be the only classic destroyer attack of the second world war when torpedoes were fired. Verulam was built by Fairfield and Co and launched on the 23rd March 1943. Her trial displacement was 2,225 tons and over the measured mile she attained the speed of 32.7 knots. She was broken up on 23rd October 1972.

Details of the kit :
The plated glassfibre hull is the basis for this model of one of the fastest destroyers of W.W.11. The superstructures and decks are in 1mm plastic to give the crisp finish so noticeable on this type of ship. Funnels, ships boats, gun shield are in vacformed plastic for quick construction. To add the glasscase detail to the model further fittings are included in cast light alloy and plastic, together with propshafts and propellers. A full set of instructions and A FULL SIZE PLAN assist in the construction of this most elegant model which has earned the nickname the 40 knot "razor blade".

Scale 1/96 Length 1.15m Beam 114mm Sailing weight 3.3kgs

Price:280.24 (Including VAT at 20%)


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