H.M Yacht Chatham

H.M Yacht Chatham
Ref: 1880
H.M. Chatham Yacht was launched in Chatham dockyard in 1741, for use as a pleasure craft for the more affluent members of Georgian society.
Yachts were of Dutch origin and came to Denmark and Sweden as pleasure craft. They were introduced in Britain in 1660 when Charles II, on his return to England was presented the Yacht Mary. In the early days, the yacht was thought of as a pleasure and transport craft only.
The kit contains All necessary cast decoration; Walnut CNC cut parts; Double plank on bulkhead construction; Black & natural hemp for rigging; Photo etch brass detail, including window frames. Full size plans and comprehensive building instructions aid to make a highly attractive model which wouldn't look out of place in anyone's home

Scale1:64 Length 530mm Height470 mm Beam200mm

Price:83.74 (Including VAT at 20%)


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