Model Slipway Maggie M

Model Slipway Maggie M
Ref: 2841
Built in 1990 by Campbeltown Shipbuilders Ltd (Scotland) MAGGIE M operates out of Scarborough harbor in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The vessel is designed for twin-rig trawling and the aluminium shelter-deck is a cover over the fish processing room.
MAGGIE M. is designed to operate in the most arduous sea conditions and the model performs brilliantly on rough waters.
The Becker rudder and Kort nozzle make for a very manoeuvrable model, turning almost within its own length - a great regatta boat
Single screw Scale 1:32 Length: 33.5" (850 mm) Beam: 10" (255 mm) Displacement: 22 lb (10,4 kilos) Recommended for model makers with average building skills

Price:276.36 (Including VAT at 20%)


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