Mary Rose - Jotika

Mary Rose - Jotika
Ref: 1898
The Mary Rose kit has been designed with the full co-operation of the Mary Rose Trust making the kit the only model based on the most up to date research and information.
The kit is, therefore, the most accurate of its type on a Tudor Warship he .
Kit components CNC cut in walnut and walnut ply; Double plank on frame construction in lime and walnut;
Tanganyika deck planking; Rigging thread and all rigging blocks; Brass etched and white metal cast fittings; 8 sheets of full size plans;
Comprehensive construction manual, including ‘The history of the Mary Rose’ by David Vine BSC. Curator of the Mary Rose

MuseumScale 1:80 Length 735mm x Beam 255mm height 520mm

Price:241.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


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