Model Slipway Our Lass II 21.5m twin-rig trawler

Model Slipway Our Lass II  21.5m twin-rig trawler
Ref: 2842
Our Lass II is a 21.5m twin-rig trawler launched in 2007 at Whitby for local owners Locker Trawlers Ltd. Built by Parkol Marine Engineering the vessel has been designed for catching whitefish in the Norwegian and EU Sectors of the North Sea. Many of this type of trawlers are being built however all have slight design differences and/or colours. The kit contains all the required parts to build the model:

A highly detailed one-piece glassfibre hull; prop-shaft, propeller, brass rudder assembly,
resin-cast Kort nozzle; a bow thruster tube
Styrene parts for the construction of the decks, wheelhouse and interior arrangement, the trawl gantry and crane with power-block
ABS sections for the construction of the cod-end lifting gantry
A set of fittings from high grade casting alloy. Metal kits for the winches
Vacuum-formed liferaft canisters and radar
Self-adhesive vinyl decals including banners and flags for Our Lass II (the kit is available without Our Lass decals for those who wish to build other similar trawlers)
All the necessary wooden dowel for mast, wire for railing, chain etc.
Over 100 step-by-step assembly drawings

Scale 1:24 - Length 900mm - Beam 300mm

Price:286.73 (Including VAT at 20%)


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