Phantom Classic American runabout PT 710

Phantom Classic American runabout PT 710
Ref: 1839
A Classic American runabout from the mid-1920s.
This type of boat was mainly used as racingboats, but in some cases also as tenders, for those who had a lager yacht.
Racingboats from that time was build in beautiful classic materials such as teak and mahogany.
If you had a 100-150 hp engine back then, you had one of the most powerful engines.

Kit description
Made as a Rc Model Plank on Frame hull , wooden deck and superstructure with plastic and metal fittings along with English intructions .
The model is based on a fast 34 foot tender..

Kit Details:
Scale 1:50 Length Beam

Price:121.98 (Including VAT at 20%)


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