Miss Geico 29-inch Catamaran V3 Brushless: RTR INT

Miss Geico 29-inch Catamaran V3 Brushless: RTR INT
Ref: 4493
The Miss Geico offshore racing catamaran is owned and operated by John Haggin’s AMF Offshore Racing and proudly sponsored by the American insurance giant Geico.

Miss Geico is one of the fastest offshore powerboats in the world. Powered by twin Lycoming T-53 and T-55 turbine engines, hitting speeds in excess of 200mph she is driven by Marc Granet and throttled by Scott Begovich and has captured four consecutive World Championships in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

This fully licensed replica of the championship winning Miss Geico power boat from Pro Boat allows fans and modelers alike to experience the thrills of off shore powerboat racing without the hefty price that it’s full size counterpart has.

In order to get the ultimate performance and efficiency this awesome model is equipped with a powerful water-cooled 1500Kv brushless motor, the power being harnessed by a 45-amp water-cooled programmable speed controller. The ability to programme the speed controller means power delivery can be tailored to suit individual driving styles and generally enhance the whole powerboat experience.

The hull is made from a lightweight and durable fibreglass composite material which is strong enough to take the pounding this big model will get at speed and the adjustable running gear can be set it up to dial in performance and best handle the waves.

This boat is sure to bring a smile to anyone behind the wheel. With scintillating speeds and precise handling Miss Geico is sure to please.

Capable of reaching speeds of 45 plus mph
Off-set rudder system provides superb stability in all wake conditions while keeping the model glued to the water
Water-cooled Dynamite® 120 Amp marine ESC with 6S battery compatibility
Water-cooled 2000Kv 6-pole brushless motor
ESC comes pre-wired with dual high-current EC5™ connectors
Dual Li-Po or Ni-MH operation
Hand-laid fiberglass catamaran hull optimised for speed and performance
Waterproof electronics
Secure canopy latch system keeps electronics safe
Designed to be competition ready out of the box

Electric Motor Size:6-pole 2000Kv

Hull Material:Fibreglass

Hull Type:Catamaran

Kit / Ready-Built:RTR

Length:736.6mm (29 in)

Prop Range:41×64mm (1.6×2.5 in)

Recommended ESC:Dynamite 120A

Weight:2.54kg (5.6 lbs)

Width:276.2mm (10.875 in)

Price:334.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


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