DX4R Pro Transmitter - SPM4100E

DX4R Pro Transmitter - SPM4100E
Ref: 9165
DX4R Pro Transmitter - SPM4100E

The lightweight DX4R was conceived by racers for racers to deliver an unparalleled combination of balance, sophistication and speed. Built around frequency-agile, Spektrum™ DSMR technology, it’s capable of maintaining a blazing 5.5 ms frame rate Frame rate with the included SR2000 receiver) in the busiest 2.4GHz environments. So you can apply this amazing technology in the most effective manner possible, the DX4R includes an SR2000 micro race receiver. Weighing a mere 2.0 grams, the SR2000 has a footprint smaller than most postage stamps and can be mounted on everything from 1/12-scale carpet racers to 1/8-scale off-road buggies. An SR410 4-channel sport receiver is also included.

Key Features
Ultra responsive with DSMR 5.5ms frame rate
Adjustable trigger shape and tension
Large Backlit LCD Screen
50-Model memory with ModelMatch™ technology
4 User-defined, programmable mixes with naming
Pre-set mixes, including dual throttle, dual brake, MOA, 4WS, and dual steering
Switch-activated mix rates
On-the-fly mix rate control
Traction Control and ABS
RaceWare™ software updates via SD Card Reader
Integrated antenna
Inactivity alarm
Channels: 4
Modulation: DSMR DSMR (Transmitters are compatible with DSMR™ and Marine receivers.)
Band: 2.4GHz
Weight: 510g (1lb 12oz)
Frame Rate: 5.5, 11 or 22ms (with DSMR receiver)
Receiver: SR2000 and SR410
Telemetry: Integrated – Requires DSM telemetry compatible receiver
Battery Type: 4x AA Alkaline (sold separately)

Price:240.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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