King Hauler 1/4 Rc 56301

King Hauler 1/4 Rc 56301
Ref: 4611

The King Hauler is a scale tractor truck with a realistic ladder frame and a 3-speed gearbox. The suspension is equipped with solid axles with leafsprings just like full scale trucks.
Leaf Spring oil damped suspension system Twin double axle rear tyres

Coupler allows automated Trailer drop Aluminium Ladder Frame chassis

Our Semi trucks and Highlifts use 3speed transmissions for more maneuverability and true scale realism. Whether you're hauling a big load or climbing some rough terrain, the ability to shift into low gear can make the difference. High speed runs are no problem once you kick it into 3rd gear, when its time to move out!

· Scale: 1/14
· Length: 23.62 inches (600mm)
· Width: 7.20 inches (183mm)
· Wheelbase: 17.60 inches (447mm)
· Front Tread: 6.14 inches (156mm)
· Rear Tread: 5.43 inches (138mm)
· Weight: 6.17 lbs. (2800g)
· Chassis: Aluminum ladder
· Suspension: Solid Axle
· Damper Type: Metal friction
· Drive Train: Gearbox (3-speed)
· Gear Ratio: 10.6:1 - With the 3-speed gearbox, 10.6:1, 17.7:1 and 32.4:1 are possible
· Differential Type: Bevel Gear
· Engine: Electric 540
· Wheels & Tires: Chrome/Radial
· Body Type: Styrene(plastic)
· Radio Control Unit: (not included) Can be operated with a 2-channel radio but a 4-channel system is recommended for potential future options.
· Battery: Requires a 7.2V battery and charger

Price:324.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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