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Ref: 9139

Due To Arive Very Soon the Return of Thunder Tigers Neptune Submarine

Equipped with high technology operating equipment in the inner hull tub, covered by the bright yellow outer hull, the SB-1 will let you enjoy the otherwise hidden wonders of the underwater world. Adopting a static diving system, operating the SB-1 is just like the real thing. The system is driven by a ballast tank with pump & motor unit. Start the pump to induct the water into the ballast tank. Control the amount of water in the ballast tank, the submarine can dive from the surface and stay underwater in static. Using the propulsion power unit and full elevator and rudder control, you can pilot the submarine under water with ease. Equipped with an auto detect protection system, if the system detects low battery power, low transmisson signal or leakage, then the roll pump will auto start to flood the water out of the ballast tank and make the SB-1 float back to the surface.


Radio Control model
High impact ABS plastic hull
12V motor propulsion power unit
Dual Static & Dynamic Diving System
Ballast tank w/roll pump & motor drive system
Fully elevator/rudder control device
Auto-detect electronic protecting system
2V Sealed Lead–Acid battery included

Displacement: 7.7kg surface / 7.95 kg submerged
Overall Length: 774mm
Beam: 290mm
Draft: 200mm
Height: 285mm
Propulsion Motor: 12V motor
Propeller: 3 blades OD:40mm
Propeller Pitch: 41mm
Speed: 1.45knots(2.7km/h) surface / 1.08knots(2km/h) submerged
Operating Diving Depth: 5M
Max. Diving Depth: 10M (mechanical limit)

Pre assembled SB1
40mhz radio equipment
Main control board
Mains charger
Dive system

Price:540.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Thunder Tiger ETNZ 1M America's Cup Racing Yacht
Thunder Tiger ETNZ 1M America's Cup Racing Yacht
Ref: 9062

Speed Sailing!

With nearly 20,000 man-hours and over six months to build, the original Emirates Team of New Zealand (ETNZ) racing yacht finished the 32nd America's Cup at a very respectable second place and won the the 2007 32nd Louis Vuitton-Round Robins Ranking.
Thunder Tiger is authorized to replicate the America's Cup yacht ETNZ in a 1M model with high-quality fiberglass hull, tear-resistant racing sails and low drag steel ballast.

If you are looking for a challenge, the ETNZ is most certainly all you'll ever need!

User need to purchase a winch servo and 2ch Radio for completion. Thunder Tiger's winch servo is recommended for this requirement.

Note that mid to light winds are suggested when sailing the ETNZ. At 25:1 scale, the ETNZ's sail area is much larger than most 1m RC racing yachts and proper adjustment of the sails is crucial with this model.

The kit includes a high-quality stand for display.

Features :

< Quality Factory Pre-painted Fiberglass Hull
< Well-finished hull with comprehensive hardware.
< High Performance Plus “Tear Resist” Racing Sails
< Light yet Rigid Extruded Aluminum Booms and Master
< Stabilized Low Drag Hydrodynamic Steel Ballast
< Black Anodized Aluminum Stand Included
< Officially Licensed by ETNZ

Length(mm / in.) (993mm)39.4"
Beam(mm / in.) (172mm)6.75"
Mast Height(mm / in.) (1,306mm)51.4"
Sail Area(sq. dm² / (48dm²)
Overall Height(mm / in.) (1,700mm)67"
Overall Weight(g / oz.) (3.5kg)7.7lb

Price:179.59 (Including VAT at 20%)


Thunder Tiger - Naulantia 1M Yacht Kit
Thunder Tiger - Naulantia 1M Yacht Kit
Ref: 5505
Thunder Tiger - Naulantia 1M Yacht Kit

Set sail for spirited boat racing adventure.

The Naulantia is sleek, beautiful and exactly what's needed to rock your boat. Scale realism is only the beginning of this yacht. It is designed to be fast as well as beautiful. With a good hand for building, you can make sure this kit lives up to all that potential.

At over five and a half feet tall, the Naulantia cuts an impressive figure on the water - and its quality construction lives up to its looks. The ABS blow-molded hull is lightweight and rigid, just like the extruded aluminum booms and mast. The Naulantia is available with deck accessories that add scale realism to every voyage.

Pre-painted, factory-assembled ABS hull
Low drag hydrodynamic steel ballast
Rigid extruded aluminum booms and mast
Scale-like deck detail
Display stand included

Specifications :
Length: 39.4 in (1000 mm)
Beam: 6.75 in (160 mm)
Overall Height: 67 in (1580 mm)
Sail Area: 618.5 in² (39.9 dm²)
Total Weight: 7.7 lb (3.5 kg)

Download Manual

Price:154.98 (Including VAT at 20%)


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Ref: 4579
Feel the speed with Thunder Tiger’s all new Olympian! This high quality one-meter deep V-hull speed boat comes with everything you need to cruise on the water at high speed.

Thunder Tiger equipped with Ripper 2000KV brushless covered with Leopard Hobby cooling jacket power and bundle with SEAKING BLC-180M which Delivering the Ultimate in Efficiency, Speed, and Run time!! The best endurance speed for racing, without rest! This shark heritage is built into every hull which has run in excess of 50mph. Enjoy the Race!

Everything is in here: Aerodynamic ABS Hull Well Pre-painted with Latest Fashion Design, Quick-move Cover and Power Unit, Water-cooled IBL 2000KV & BLC-180M, High-Precision Aluminium Parts. Hull design is built up in aerodynamic shape and fashion design on its layer. The integrated battery tray ensures the battery is bound firmly on it. Ride trim is easily adjusted by positioning the packs fore and aft using the convenient hook and loop straps that secure the batteries. The optimized rudder configuration carves amazing full-throttle turns. A high-output 2.4GHz radio system, along with water-cooled and waterproof electronics, keep the Olympian going for the trouble-free, all-day running you count on from Thunder Tiger.

Factory Assembled & RTR

ABS Blow Moulded One-piece Vee-hull
Quick-release Magnetic Hatch
Dual Water Pickup/Outlet for Effective Cooling
Quick- remove Power Unit for Easy Maintenance
Upgraded CNC Adjustable Strut/ Trim tab/ Turn Fins


Length: 39.1” (994mm)
Height: 13.7” (349mm)
Beam: 10.6” (268mm)
Dry Weight: 5.3lb (2400g)
Motor: Water-cooled 2000KV IBL-40/20
Radio: COUGAR GP3 2.4GHz included
Battery: Two 3S1P 11.1V 30~40C 3300~4500mAh Req’d

Price:468.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Thunder Tiger Avanti Brushless Artr
Thunder Tiger Avanti Brushless Artr
Ref: 3496
With an elegant aerodynamic design and bright colours, the AVANTI will catch the crowds eye in and out of the water. The sleek deep vee hull knifes through the water, and the water-cooled brushless motor provides plenty of power while the Cougar 2.4GHz radio system provides interference free control. At less than 2-1/2 feet long, the AVANTI doesn't need a large body of water to show what it can do.

Enjoy the fun and thrills of AVANTI!

Key Features:

ABS blow-moulded hull with quick-remove hatch cover
Water cooled OBL 29/19-15M & controller BLC-40M installed
Factory assembled
Micro receiver & 2.4GHz radio system supplied
Mini servo installed
Wooden display stand

Length : 740mm
Height : 165mm
Beam : 210mm
Weight : 1250g
Motor Water-cooled OBL29/19-15M included

Price:174.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Thunder Tiger Madcat
Thunder Tiger Madcat
Ref: 9138
A Cat that makes the waves go wild!!

Rock'n Race! The catamaran hull is made from one piece of high-quality ABS, and the brushless power system is water-cooled for even greater performance. There's no building or painting to do. With its one-piece blow-moulded hull, the MADCAT OBL dellivers both high speed and wave resistance, plus sophisticated turning performance. A Special water-cooled motor and speed controller deliver reliable and smooth throttle response while the supplied and installed 2.4GHz Cougar radio system provides interference free control.

Key Features:

ABS blow-moulded hull with quick-remove hatch cover
Water cooled OBL 29/19-15M & controller BLC-40M installed
Mini servo installed
Micro receiver and 2.4GHz Cougar radio system
Wooden Stand

Length : 690mm
Height : 180mm
Beam : 185mm
Weight : 1210g
Motor Water-cooled OBL29/19-15M included

Price:168.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Thunder Tiger Victoria
Thunder Tiger Victoria
Ref: 3502
Victoria Yacht. Standing over 4’ tall, Thunder Tiger’s Victoria Yacht is the perfect model for the first time Sailor .
The Victoria features a blow-molded ABS hull and deck for ease of assembly, no painting is required. The aluminum main mast, boom, rigging line, and deck details are all included. The molded keel is already completed with the proper ballast installed in the keel bulb.

A die-cut wood stand is included which allows you to work on shore, or display your Yacht proudly.
A standard 2 channel radio (not included) will complete the Victoria Yacht for hours of R/C sailing.
A one-piece molded hull makes building this model yacht a breeze.
Only a few enjoyable hours, a two channel radio system, and your ready to enjoy the pleasure of sailing on a gentle breeze or the thrill of model Yachting .

Length(mm / in.)30.7"(779mm)
Beam(mm / in.)7.7" (197mm)
Mast Height(mm / in.)42.8" (1086mm),

Price:97.01 (Including VAT at 20%)

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