Deans Marine Trein Maersk

Deans Marine Trein Maersk
Ref: 2005
This model ship kit, we believe, to be the first of a modern container vessel. This kit is based on a 63" x 12" moulded glass fiber hull with all prop, rudder and fairlead detail moulded into the hull.
For the first time in our range of kits, and to allow for the size and weight of this model the deck and main hold tops included in the kit, are a one piece glass fiber moulding. Bonded to the 9mm square ramin deck beams this gives a hull deck combination of immense strength without the normal large number of bulkheads and multitude of deck beams associated with a model of this size and weight.
The 12 separate main container blocks are also in highly detailed glass fiber mouldings, some to serve as access hatches to the cavernous hull and to provide handy covers to the holds, A full set of 12 is included in the kit. Extra containers blocks can be added to provide an assorted mix of reefers and containers.
If you wish to carry a full load you can add up to 1,100 containers.? The main superstructure is in printed 1mm plastic as is the central container crane. A full set of detailed cast alloy fittings is included using some of the latest moulding technology to give detail to an outstanding degree. To compliment this large items such as the single free fall lifeboat and the massive main winches are finely detailed cast plastic fittings finished off with the fine detailed metal fittings.
Should the modeler wish to add variations to his boat, we have produced a new item in the Deans range.
This is a range silicone moulds of all the standard containers and reefers, plus an Acrylic moulding compound that when mixed with water sets like plaster to produce a set of kit mouldings that can then be assembled and painted by the modeler. The kits consist of 1 mould for a container kit, I packet of moulding acrylic, plus a set of instruction. Extra moulding acrylic is available as a separate item.
Two full size plans are included in the kit to aid construction plus a comprehensive instruction book using some of the latest digital imaging to provide picture and sketches to aid construction.
The Trein Maersk model is of massive proportions but still has outstanding sailing qualities as in all of the Deans fleet ,especially when fitted with the recommended motors and bow thruster, for those with and inventive mind the full size ship is also fitted with stern thrusters to make for some very interesting steering.

Scale 1/100 Length 1.6m Beam 318mm Sailing weight 18.2kgs

Price:745.48 (Including VAT at 20%)


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