Will Everard Spritsail Barge Pt 601

Will Everard  Spritsail Barge Pt 601
Ref: 1843
Will Everard,Spritsail Barge built for F.T. Everard & Sons in Great Yarmouth in 1925 to 1926.
The ship is owned today by P & O Containers Ltd. In 1982, Northern Europe's most beautiful captain, according to the press, took command of the ship - 24-year-old Sue Harrison, who had obtained her Master's Certificate in 1979
Kit description
Made as a static
Plank on Frame hull and wooden deck and superstructure with plastic and metal fittings .
Kit Details:
Scale 1:60 Length 28.cm Beam 9.cm Height 24.

Price:84.74 (Including VAT at 20%)


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