Titanic Parts 1 - 5

Titanic Parts 1 - 5
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Part One :Titanic 725 part 1.Scale 1:200 Length 1350mm. The Titanic is the flag ship of the Mantua model boats range.Mantua Model Group has decided to give place of importance in its collection of famous ships to the sea giant Titanic. We have selected a scale of 1:200 giving a hull dimension of 1350mm long and 140mm wide. This model comes in two versions static or RC. To give the customer the freedom of choice, we have divided the construction into 5 parts.You can purchase the complete set or individually as required.The kit comes in 5 parts the first being the hull & front and rear decks, the second is the motor pack if you want to install radio control, the third is hull & fore and aft decorations, the fourth is the middle decks including the funnels and the fifth is all the final fittings kit. Construction is generally plank on frame with laser cut and etched wooden details. English instructions and photographic details are included.

Scale 1:200
Length 1350mm

Part 2 :Titanic 726 second part. This second part contains two mabuchi motors with pulleys and transmission, the motor mounts and all the wooden plates, which are rubber backed to absorb vibration, together with all the linkages. To complete the control of this model you will need the radio equipment, power pack and speed controller. Balast also needs to be added to finish this stage.

Part 3:Titanic 727 part 3. The third part contains the stern railings, ladders, bow decks and all the hull mouldings, windows and bullseyes. This box contains very detailed and delicate laser cut and engraved work on birch marine plywood, which is very strong despite its fine thickness.

Part 4:Titanic 728. This fourth kit contains all the parts to build the upper decks, funnels, life boats with thier parrals and masts. All the decks are complemented with the walls of the cabins which are fully detailed with laser etched and cut windows and doors. The decks are planked with white maple strips and mahogany hand rails and stairs. The funnels are frame built to maintain a low weight for correct floatation. All the steam pipes are abs and have to be heated and bent into shape then painted in place. All rigging and stiffening ropes are fitted with hooks to allow easy access to the radio and motor compartment.

Part 5: Titanic 729. The fifth part completes this laser cut model. It contains all the upper skylights, the wind sleeves the parrals the windlass and stern scaffolds together with many other small decorations and parts. We recommend to all modellers to buy the special showcase (part 7310) to keep your fine model in pristine condition.

Titanic Part 1 Hull & Front and Rear Decks 246.00
Titanic Part 2 Motor Set 110.59
Titanic Part 3 Hull Fittings 136.99
Titanic Part 4 Upper Decks Funnels 299.80
Titanic Part 5 Skylights & Decorations 116.40


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