Dumas Chris Craft 16ft Hydroplane 1942 - 24ins - 5501708

Dumas Chris Craft 16ft Hydroplane 1942 - 24ins - 5501708
Ref: 7177
1941 Chris-Craft 16' Hydroplane Kit

Length Overall - 24ins

Beam - 8.2ins

Scale - 1/8 inch = 1 foot

Hardware Running Kit - Included

1949 Chris-Craft Racing Runabout Kit

When the Chris-Craft Racing Hydroplane was first delivered, it was accompanied with a warning: "FOR RACING ONLY". Chris-Craft knew that they had a thoroughbred on their hands. Equipped with a high-performance 121 horsepower KB engine shoehorned in, the three in-line carburetors protruded above the deck. The streamlined red fairing, designed to shield the carburetors, came to symbolize one of the fastest and most desirable Chris-Craft boats of the pre-war years.
This kit is very similar in construction to our 19' Racing Runabout, kit #1249, in that it utilizes the popular expanded PVC and mahogany double planking method. The new 16' hydroplane kit includes all the items you have come to expect from a Dumas kit. Step-by-Step instructions, flag, decal, chrome plated fittings and laser cut parts which we started using in our #1249 Racing Runabout kit.
Radio Control or Static 1941 Chris-Craft 16' Hydroplane Model Boat Kit

Price:187.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


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