Battery Pack 

7.2  Tamiya Plug
Or  Bullet connector

Electronic Speed controller
          Bec type.
Please Note if not Bec  you will need to use a separate supply for the
Receiver }


Connector Block
Or Bullet Connectors


Ch 1

Ch 2


Wiring a Single motor Setup

1. Take the motor wires from your speed
controller  Normally they will be Yellow & Blue ,Yellow being the positive out of the speed controller  to a Electrical connector block

2. Next make connections from the connector block  or bullet connectors too the motor Now on a lot of motors you will find a dot just next to or above one of the terminals now this is normally the positive connection mark so take the yellow wire to this Terminal .

3. Next plug the receiver lead from the speed controller into channel 2 on your receiver now if your speed controller has BEC you will not need a separate receiver power supply

4. Next Plug your servo into channel 1

5. Now turn on you Transmitter first  and make sure your stick is in neutral on the transmitter .
Now take  your battery and connect  with the 7.2 connector to your speed controller .Make sure that if there is a switch on your speed controller it is set to on  and run though any setup that the speed controller needs

Plugs into

Channel 1

          = Negative


          = Positive

Motor End View

Motor Positive mark

Motor Terminal