Wiring a Twin motor and Speed controller with Mixer Setup

1. Take the motor wires from your speed
controller  Normally they will be Yellow & Blue ,Yellow being the positive out of the speed controller  to a Electrical connector block

2. Next make connections from the connector block  or bullet connectors too the motors Now on a lot of motors you will find a dot just next to or above one of the terminals now this is normally the positive connection mark so take the yellow wire to this Terminal on one motor and the Blue wire to that mark on the other motor

3. Next plug the receiver leads from the speed controller into the mixer  then plug your rudder servo into the mixer too . Now take the mixer output leads to the your receiver the mixer instructions will tell you what plug goes to which socket  .

4. Now if both of your speed controllers have BEC you will need to make sure that you one of the speed controllers has the BEC system  disabled  as is not needed .Now this can be done in a
number of way depending on the speed controller used .Most commonly removing the centre red wire of the receiver lead .
Although you can still use a  separate receiver power supply as long as both Bec systems are turned off  you will need a separate supply of about 4.8 to 6 volt to power the receiver

5. Now turn on you Transmitter first  and make sure your stick is in neutral on the transmitter .
Now take  your battery and connect  with the 7.2  or what ever your battery connector  is to your speed controller .Make sure that if there is a switch on your speed controller it is set to on  and run though any setup that the speed controller needs






 Text Box: Electronic Speed controller 
          Bec type.
{ Please Note if not Bec  you will need to use a separate supply for the 
Receiver }
Text Box:  Motors  
Text Box: Connector Block 
Or Bullet Connectors 
Text Box: Servo
Plugs into 
Text Box:           = Negative
          = Positive
Text Box: Motor End View 
Text Box: Motor Positive mark
Now this can be White or Red
Text Box: Motor Terminal 
Text Box: On a twin motor set ups the wires need to be reversed on the terminals I.E where the yellow goes to the terminal with the positive mark on  one side it goes to the other side on the opposite motor so as to give contra rotating motors .
Text Box: Mixer
Plug the two speed controller receiver leads into the Mixer  plus the rudder servo .Then plug
The outputs of the mixer into channel 1 and 2 as described in the mixer instructions 
Text Box: E.S.C
Text Box: E.S.C
Text Box: Take the Power supply to a connector block from there you can split the power to each of your Speed controllers .
Please make sure you wire these up correctly 
Text Box: 7.2 Connector block